Pet Safe Ear Drops- 1 Oz Bottle

Pet Safe Ear Drops- 1 Oz Bottle

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An ear ache, ear mites, dirty ears or an infection in your dogs ear happens more time than you know. A dogs ears are a warm, covered haven for all types of problems. Place 2-3 drops of oil in each ear and it helps relieve swelling, pain and begins the healing/cleaning process. Rub the ear area for a few minutes then wipe off any excess in the ears after a few minutes. It helps to curb even sharp ear pain. Mullein oil helps to get rid of ear infections, whether they are bacterial, a piece of debris or fungal infections. It is only applicable for outer ear infections and middle ear infections, and dirty, smelly ears. Please note that this is not to treat a ruptured or punctured ear drum.

Please see your veterinarian in the event of severe cases.

Ingredients: Garlic, Olive Oil, Common Mullein flowers, Lavender EO.